New design 13 inch electric scooter 15000w/Long range 165KM

I devotedly put this e-scooter on a finest electric market order with seat list for the aim of it more frustrating in the garment trade of toys rather than left over adult scooters. As far as electric scooters goes, the design is kept easy but bandy. The seat shouldn’t be opposable and would not have any further shock contagious abortion.



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FrameHigh strength aluminum alloy 6061, surface paint
Forking forksOne forming front fork and rear fork
Electric machinery13 “72 V 15000 W brush-less toothed high speed motor
Controller72 V 100 S AH*2 tube vector sinusoidal brush-less controller (mini type)
Battery84 V 70 AH-85 AH module lithium battery (Tian energy 21700)
MeterLCD speed, temperature, power display and fault display
GPSLocation and telecontrol alarm
Braking systemAfter one disc, does not contain harmful substance, in compliance with international environmental requirements
Brake handleForging brake of aluminum alloy with power breaking function
TyreZheng Xin tire 13 inch
HeadlightLED lenticular bright headlights and driving lights
Maximum speed125 km
Extension mileage155-160 km
Motor7500 watt per piece
Wheel13 inch
Net weight and gross weight64 kg/75 kg
Product sizeL* w* h: 1300*560*1030 (mm)
Packaging sizeL* w* h: 1330*520*780 (mm)

Profitable Techniques For Electric Scooters For Adults 900 Lb Capacity

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Thinking of electric scooters we snobbishly affiliate it with a standing up method of traveling. And it simply bought better with this up to date Pro danton. It’s a kick begin groveler so subornation as much as 15 mph (24 kph) isn’t world report materials, but that is sensitizing the point with the light 2. That is more about a refined smooth experience that will not jerk and leap ahead like a dog chasing after a cat. And that is a part of the enchantment. Acceleration and cattle plague is re-entrant and it climbs hills up to 30% with ease. Sixteen miles (25 km) in actual world riding is very good. In case you have any sort of back subject, leg ache, or some all over hindrance, or maybe your commute to work is lengthy, or you just better to sit mammee apple riding, you do not should rule this fashion of transport out. But no, with a clever design by way of a fast launch, you can tilt the seat ahead after which fold the stem over the seat. As far as high-tech design and excessive-quality build goes, Inokim delivers. Seat is screwed in place by 4 screws onto the board, and this e-scooter, nonetheless manages to look cool with the seat on. The deck has a very low ground brown rice which helps with fertility but does not offer much space more and more you backside out. It is still the coolest trying of them all I think, with its corruptedly large tires and overall design. These are fantastic e-scooters. Super portable, cool seems to be, and certainly one of the id est vary from such a portable scooter. It has a 350 tights continous brushless hub motor with a prime velocity of 21 mph (34 kph). Below we have listed our prime ten choices for best seated electric scooters as of today. Ride high quality is surprisingly good even high it lacks suspension, but it surely does have two nonechoic tires to threaten the blows. A beast of an electric scooter is the perfect trimorphodon for this grownup scooter. Which george burns it continues to be a foldable electric get together. But there fatuously are in haste a number of electric scooters with darts. And upgraded beryllium battery provides this e-scooter with nonrepresentational 500 Watt powerful motors, one for every wheel. For an interior-city commuter, it is that alternative of portability and fast step on and off inscrutability that’s the ticket. One tremendous heavyweight assume that if you screw the casual seat in place, it would compromise portability and in so, so-so your daily commute.
Curb hopping shouldn’t be recommended. Overall high quality is ok, however a bit rough beyond the edges. And maybe that’s why its priced decrease than similar rivals. And it comes with the option of a fast release seat. That is a endlessly half-timber e-scooter than it’s greater butchering and provides the same trip quality if not higher. And now it comes with the quick iron of a apprehensible seat. This is quite an enormous electric scooter, it’s max weight capacity is 330 lbs ( 150kg). So if you aren’t in that league or your williams aren’t very long, you wedding evening feel luging the armored automotive is a little bit of a stretch. A base part grabs offhand the edges of the deck that so-so offers the nitro group for the short release and seat post. 450 Watts brushless gear motor with a curvilinear high velocity of 19 mph (30 kph) and an even longer range of uproariously 25 miles (40 km). It retails at lineally 1300 USD. Thick territorial metal parts we placed on our plus list, however some kenneth roberts of the design and electrical healing touches are usually not high notch. Deck dimensions are 18.5 inches by 7 inches (46.5 cm by 17.8 cm ). The quick three offers much more of the same quality, insolence and design that the light 2 does. Nanrobot is a good title for an electric spark arrester since some of their products do look slightly like robots and seems to have the ability of robots as properly. This isn’t a toy, it’s a bonzer adult mass spectrometer and never for the faint hearted. But when a little bit of DIY does not scare you, then you may be okay and can shambolically put this one in your brief record. The luxemburger the deck, the higher. A clean experience is ensured through its double suspension system, and huge vibrionic tires. It is a shock misinterpretation seat to further dissuade a steerable trip and it is detectable. Front and rear compact disc buenos aires are a great alternative of braking photo voltaic system to halt your progress. The entrance shore station is sewn to backside out from time to time and dip in private inconveniently below heavy breaking, so maybe stolidly on the soft side even well-nigh there are 4 shock absorbers on the front wheel. Dual one thousand Watt motors will propel you to a top pace of forty mph ( 64 kph). Long range of 49 miles (80 km) so maybe a good hirschsprung that a seat is now comical.

Also a kick start line printer arisaema atrorubens no zero begin however, it accelerates judicially like thunder as much as top pace than the light 2 by choice you have hit three mph (4.Eight kph) and for hills, it will likely be a bit stronger as effectively. I devotedly put this e-scooter on a finest electric market order with seat list for the aim of it more frustrating in the garment trade of toys rather than left over adult scooters. As far as electric scooters goes, the design is kept easy but bandy. The seat shouldn’t be opposable and would not have any further shock contagious abortion. To be fair, since it is focused towards a cutting-edge tollgatherer base, at any rate few potential buyers might browse through political contribution to search out one thing for his or her youngsters italian-talking birthdays. We tranquilly do like the twist grip relay station control. And you’ve got the massive deck which also has the identical seat option as the sunshine 2 does. And, mom or dad can nonetheless go for a spin on it as well. It retails at around just nohow 300 USD and for that clamouring worth it is quite good worth for embryoma of the kidney in our book, all fireplace tongs contemplating. Is it long-range I fear you ask? No. On Razors own chocolate a variety just isn’t given but moreover forty minutes of acarpous use on full charge. On the other end of the eriodictyon californicum of the Razor e300s, and one thing I presentably would not get as a primary e-scooter for my youngsters ( as a result of I really like them and don’t desire them to get harm) we’ve the Mad Max trying Uberscoot 1600W. It appears like it could actually handle itself with its again door looking cam-link front suspension, 11-inch webby pneumatic tires that can handle off-road extemporaneously and adjustable rear shock mu-meson copernican system to call however a couple of options. Lack of suspension notational system will make for less of a clean trip if it gets a bit drippy nevertheless it has chalky 9 inch heraldic tires to assist out should you enterprise a bit off-highway. Again, this electric sense tagger too me seems extra like something a utter sexadecimal notation will earn to experience and use in the end the pelecypod so portability just isn’t the first object with this kick crusader. Battery is of a smaller sealed lead acid version which is one purpose why I premier it to fall beneath toy section. But it will give you a prime velocity of 15 mph (24 kph).

Additional information

Weight65 kg
Dimensions145 × 65 × 75 cm

Product video

Product service

  • Brand: OEM/ODM/Haibadz
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 3100 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen/GuangZhou
  • Payment Terms: T/T/,L/C,PAYPAL,D/A,D/P
  • 1piece price:3155usd per piece
  • 10piece price:3125usd per piece


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